Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bits of Vanity News Chosen at Random


Basically, I start Italian lessons on Thursday, and I am terribly excited.

Next, I seem to have Celiac's Disease. I've gone gluten-free. I'm chatting to my Dr. in a few hours.

And, a poem of mine us appearing in The Mom Egg mid- October. Yay!


  1. 1.) I want to hear your lovely voice throwing around Italian!

    2.) I'm sorry about the disease, but now it gives you more of an excuse to haunt natural foods stores and smell that musky food store smell.

    3.) Congrats on the poem! I like the name of the journal.

  2. Ciao bella!! I love my Italian class! As soon as we started I was thinking, why haven't I always spoken Italian?

    No worries about Celiacs. Can't die from it, and as long as I don't touch gluten I'm dandy! It explains a lot of the mysterious health problems I was having. But according to my tests I'm allergic to something, but no one knows what. Hmmm....

    Thanks for the congrats!! I miss reading your stuff!