Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mike Tyson, Ellen, and Opposite Day

Was anyone else confused that Mike Tyson was a guest on Ellen yesterday? The convicted rapist and wife beater was being praised and petted for his kindness by.... Ellen, the amicable and benevolent lady. Is it because he's vegan now? Maybe... but I'm vegan and I'm not on the show... not convinced. Is it because he treats pigeons better than people? Because I'm not sure that's not just a sign of mental illness. And if that weren't baffling enough, it aired on International Women's Day. That was genuinely the first time I ever thought, "What the hell, Ellen?" I decided to comfort myself and leave my adoration of Ellen intact by concluding that it probably wasn't her decision to have him on the show, it was probably some ABC-Animal Planet mating ritual, but even so, there's nothing worse than a fat cokehead.


  1. thank you for posting something about that! Mike Tyson for international women's day is something like having some KKK guy formerly convicted of a hate crime for Martin Luther King Day. Completely horrible! I'm less forgiving than you, though. My faith in Ellen is in the toilet.

  2. Thanks for your response, loveclimate. I've been pondering it for a few days, and perhaps my forgiving is a bit too hasty. Surely Ellen could have refused to interview him... I'm not sure how much power she has, but it is *her* show, and *her* name. She must have recognized how wrong it was to have him on the show, especially on THAT day. And if his bird show really needed to be talked about, I think it would have been much better just to interview a flock of crapping, cooing pigeons. It was nearly like the network was trying to be distasteful, alienating, and offensive.

  3. Strange times. Surely the apocalypse is upon us.